The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project (GCCWP) is the national student movement to pass the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act, a federal bill to create 100,000 jobs for Gulf Coast residents and evacuees to rebuild their public infrastructure.  Learn More.

The GCCWP is working in coalition with community, faith-based, and human rights organizations  to pass the Act.   Learn More.


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6/22/10 Regional Task Force Calls for Executive Order to Establish Gulf Coast Civic Works Program

Executive Order pdf [click here]


4/13/10 Social Innovators Speaker Series
3/2/10 Students, Faith, & Community Groups to Hold Rally at Rep. Miller's Office
2/24/10 GCCW Campaign Letter to Sen. Landrieu, Feb. 24, 2010
11/18/09 200 Students, Community Leaders Gather at SJSU for Campus Sleep Out
11/18/09 Community leaders discuss 'Poverty Under the Stars'
11/11/09 4th Annual "Poverty Under the Stars" 11/12/09 7PM at SJSU

GCCW press release picked up by Politico.com and Washington Times



Release: Interfaith Leaders urge President Obama: Make Poverty, Climate and Coastal Restoration Priorities in Gulf Coast Communities



Assemblymember Beall calls Public Works to Solve Unemployment Crisis



Dr. Myers-Lipton's lecture at the Dean's Symposium, "Poverty: Problems and Solutions," San Josť State University, October 6, 2010



Alabama Hurricane Katrina Survivors Go to Washington



Congressional Tri-Caucus Sponsors Briefing on HR 2269



Gulf Coast Civic Works Campain Applauds Creation of Long-Term Recovery Working Group



SPECIAL REPORT: Obama, Congress get "D" grades from Gulf Coast advocates for Katrina recovery efforts.




Obama Addresses the Gulf Coast


Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi




Gulf Coast Rally To Demand Speaker Pelosi Take Action on 4th Anniversary of Katrina



Katrina Pain Index - 2009



Katrina Anniversary Nears, and Should Evoke Truths, Both Ugly and Ennobling



Prayer for the day at Sojourners:
For the Gulf Coast residents
and the passage of HR 2269



Gulf Coast advocates push for HR 2269 in Mobile


July 17th Press Conference in Mobile to Highlight GCCWA


NAACP Urges Congress to Pass GCCW Act




Advocates take the Gulf Coast cause to the Hill


Gulf Coast activists protest at FEMA headquarters


Bi-partisan Congress members urge colleagues to sign on to HR 2269



New Orleans: City of Sickness


Students Applaud Re-Introduction of Gulf Coast Civic Works Act

4/18/09 Gulf Coast Civic Works Act to be re-introduced in late April, 2009.  Click here to view draft of the bill

Obama's debt to New Orleans


Obama gives hope to Katrina activists


New White House Web site criticizes Bush over Katrina, promises change


Representatives Lofgren and Melancon urge Chairmen Frank and Obey to fund HR 4048 proposal


Kerry Kennedy speaks out for GCCW on MSNBC


57 co-sponsors to go!

We need 100 Congressional co-sponsors on HR 2269 to get a hearing. Currently, we have 43 co-sponsors.

Call or email your congress member right now and ask them to co-sponsor HR 2269 [contact]

Four and 1/2 years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita:

  • New Orleans has 65,888 residential addresses unoccupied, 31% of the schools and 51% of the child care centers are still closed, while public transportation ridership is only 43% of pre-Katrina.

  • Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes in southeastern Louisiana are facing the fastest rate of land loss in the world, losing the equivalent of one football field of land every 36-38 minutes. The storms of Katrina-Rita in 2005 and Gustav-Ike in 2008 highlighted the need for immediate restoration and protection of the Gulf Coast.

  • The three coastal counties of Mississippi have a desperate need for affordable housing, as over 8,200 dwellings remain unrepaired and the overall State goal for low income housing is short 18,500 units.

  • Alabama’s multicultural maritime villages to 30 miles north in Mobile’s historic Africa Town have hundreds of people who have qualified for federal rebuilding assistance but have not received federal funds and are worried they will never be compensated.

The good news is that the President's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has identified billions of federal money that was authorized for long-term Gulf Coast infrastructure that is unobligated, unspent, and un-earmarked that Congress could be reallocated to Gulf Coast Civic Works.




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SJSU Sleep-Out: Click here
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Louisiana Winter, 2007


Starter Kit

Must Reads : Three Page Campaign Overview [pdf], GCCWA Background [pdf], and GCCW Campaign Partners [pdf].

HR 2269 1-pager HR 2269 1-pager [pdf]

Southern Studies' A New
    Agenda for the Gulf

Informational Flyer
    (Bay Area) [pdf]
    (Generic) [pdf]

Chairman Bennie
    Thompson's Speech

Are you looking for the book that inspired the GCCWP?

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Gulf Coast Civic Works Members
Sleep Out on SJSU Campus to Raise Awareness of Homelessness

Students, faculty, and community members who are interested in the GCCWP should contact Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton at (510) 508-5382 or smlipton@sjsu.edu and be sure to also check out our starter kit


Obama Visits New Orleans on Oct. 15, 2009

Click below to see what we wanted the President to say

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