The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project (GCCWP) is the national student movement to pass the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act, a federal bill to create 100,000 jobs for Gulf Coast residents and evacuees to rebuild their public infrastructure.  Learn More.

The GCCWP is working in coalition with community, faith-based, and human rights organizations  to pass the Act.   Learn More.


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In the News

September 07
  KFBK Newstalk 1 [listen]
  KFBK Newstalk 2 [listen]

August 07
  NPR News & Notes: report that highlighted the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project [click here]
  ABC7 news [click here]
  KPFA 94.1 Morning show this morning at 8:05 am [click here]
Spartan Athletics [read here]

April 07
Student inspired to help Gulf Coast [pdf]
Restaurants to raise funds for relief [pdf]
Vigil held to support Gulf Coast residents [pdf]
Panel discusses current state of affairs in New Orleans [pdf]

March 07
San Jose Mercury News [pdf]
  The Kansas City Star: Volunteers toil, but Gulf still a mess [pdf]
  The Hullabaloo: Missouri leads national effort to aid Gulf Coast [pdf]

February 07
  Louisiana Winter Student Video [Promo]
  Asheville Global Report: CA professor, students propose project for Gulf Coast region
The Sun Herald: Students Push for Plan [web] 2/23/07
Stony Brook Statesman
KPIX Channel 5  [2 mins]

January 07
Mississippi Sun Herald 1/19/07
Mississippi Sun Herald 1/18/07
WLOX-TV abc13 1/17/07
   (click the camera for video)

San Jose Mercury 1/15/07

December 06
KKUP: "Meeting of the Ways" Interview
KTVU Channel 2 
or via YouTube
MS Sun Herald
San Jose Mercury [pdf]
Contra Costa Times
KGO broadcast
  KCBS broadcast
Facing South
  960 The Quake
SJ Press Conference

Press Releases

8/27/07 -

7/3/07 - Assemblywoman Lieber presents Gulf Coast Relief Resolution to assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and The Economy Download

4/5/07 - UNC Disaster Relief Club Hosts ‘Remember the Gulf Coast’ Week Download
4/9/07 -

3/8/07 -
Assemblywoman Lieber, San Josť State Students & Faculty Announce Public Hearing on Post-Katrina Conditions Download
3/1/07 - Missouri Legislators Call for Gulf Coast Civic Works Project As President Bush Tours Katrina Recovery Effort in New Orleans Download

2/22/07 - Missouri Legislators Urge Creation Of Public Works Project to Aid Katrina Victims  Download
2/19/07 - Students call for a "National Post-Katrina College Summit", April 9-14, 2007 Download

1/20/07 - ‘Louisiana Winter’ Comes to a Close: Students Vow to Continue to Advocate for Civic Works Legislation   Download
01/16/07 - A Rebuilding Surge in New Orleans: Louisiana Winter Students Call for 100,000 Civic Works Jobs Download
01/15/07 - “Louisiana Winter” Students at MLK School in Lower Ninth Ward: Dr. King's Advocacy for a Public Works Program Highlighted
01/14/07 - “Louisiana Winter” Students Arrive in New Orleans for Week-Long Campaign Download
01/12/07 - Rep. Barbara Lee Statement for Louisiana Winter Students Download
01/11/07 - “Louisiana Winter” Students Set to Arrive in New Orleans Download

12/14/06 - Rep. Lofgren Commends Gulf Coast Civic Works Project Proposal Download  Web Link

12/14/06 - Louisiana Winter, 2007 Press Packet, San Jose, CA  Download
12/14/06 - Louisiana Winter, 2007 Press Conference Notes, Gulfport, MS  Download
12/12/06 - A National Call to Students: “Louisiana Winter”  Download




"I was delighted to hear about Louisiana Winter. I want to thank you all for your efforts to get the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project passed. I am pleased to hear about the strong response from university students signing up to support Louisiana Winter."
-- Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Louisiana

"My father-in-law, Sargent Shriver, always told me that serving others was the most gratifying thing anyone can do. During this week, each of you will come to realize the truthfulness of his wisdom. I commend your involvement in this project and your desire to better the lives of your fellow Americans.  You are living proof that our country’s future rests in very capable and very
charitable hands."
-- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California (Download Full Statement)

"President Bush promised after Hurricane Katrine that our nation would stand by the people of the gulf coast and help with the restoration. This promise has not been realized. Our nation needs to live up to its promises and be a true partner to the brave Gulf Coast residents working to re-open their schools, rebuild their homes, and revitalize their local communities," -- Rep. Zoe Lofgren, 8/2007

"The areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina must be a priority for all Americans—in Congress and throughout the United States.  It is our moral obligation to acknowledge that there have always been two America’s here in the United States; and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita lifted the curtain on the connection of race and poverty....  I am personally vested in eradicating the poverty across this country-particularly in the Gulf Coast and support increasing funding and job opportunities for our brothers and sisters trying to rebuild their lives."
-- Congresswoman Barbara Lee, California (Download Full Statement)

"Today's call to action serves as a critical resurgence of attention, compassion, and resources directed toward the residents and displaced of the Gulf Coast. The Louisiana Winter student volunteers will bring a sense of hope and new energy to the rebuilding efforts. There is so much that remains to be done in housing, employment, health care, and education. Only a national effort, fueled by the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project and the employment of tens of thousands of Gulf Coast residents, can bring about the healing and reconstruction of these vital communities. I am very proud of our San Jose State students who will be participating in Louisiana Winter week."
--Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, Speaker pro Tempore, California State Assembly

"Mississippians believe that we have worked diligently to put our lives and homes back together following Hurricane Katrina. The volunteers all agree. Now we have the opportunity to prove that on a national scale. The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project can help us remind others that there is still much work to be done and make our area whole again and that we still need the support and volunteerism of others."
~Brian Carriere, Gulfport City Council President

"The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project presents a common sense solution that's as bold and broad as the problem it's trying to solve. In addition to being more efficient than the approaches for rebuilding currently being considered, it represents an investment in the people of the Gulf--not large corporations--and most importantly, it gives survivors the power to rebuild their homes and their lives. is proud to be a supporter of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project." 
-- James Rucker, Director of Color Of Change


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