The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project is the national effort to develop federal legislation to create 100,000 WPA-like jobs for Gulf Coast residents to rebuild their communities. Learn More.


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Sleep Out Ideas

Start to get co-sponsors organizations on your campus

Spoken word/Music

Tables for petitions

Invite speakers (professors who focus on the Gulf Coast or poverty/racism, students that have gone to the Gulf Coast to rebuild, labor and religious leaders)

Invite a displaced person from your community to speak

Show Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke"

Organize an Art/Photo Show about the Gulf Coast




Sleep Out:  Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~ CU Boulder ~ Hamline University ~ Linfield College
Loyola, LA ~ Northeastern University ~ Sarah Lawrence ~ Simmons College
SJSU ~ Stony Brook University ~ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 ~ Willamette University ~

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Students, faculty, and staff at colleges throughout the country are invited to participate in the "National Campus Sleep Out: A New Deal for the Gulf Coast." This Campus Sleep Out will take place on the evening of Wednesday, November 14 and the morning of Thursday, November 15 on college campuses throughout the nation.

Please blast this email to all of your friends connected to universities, and ask them to sign up their college at

Also, check out our amazing flier! (at left).

In the evening of November 14, students, Katrina survivors, faculty, and community members will gather in the center of our campus to watch movies, hear speakers, listen to spoken word, and take other creative actions to support a New Deal for the Gulf Coast. As part of the Sleep Out, people should bring tents, sleeping bags, and banners, to the campus area where students will be sleeping.

The goal of the event is to highlight the crisis in the Gulf, and to focus on the solution--the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project (GCCWP).

The GCCWP will solve three critical needs in the Gulf:

1. Provide 100,000 living wage jobs for residents
2. Rebuild public infrastructure (hospitals, schools, and housing),
3. Allow residents to return home.

Our demand is for the federal action, either through congressional legislation or an executive order, which is how President Roosevelt created the public work projects (e.g., the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps) in the first New Deal.

The students, Katrina survivors, and faculty involved look forward to working together with your campus to bring a New Deal for the Gulf Coast.

Sign up you college now for the National Campus Sleep Out!


Victoria Chavez                    CC Campbell-Rock
Class pf 2008                       Katrina Survivor
SJSU Chapter President

Scott Myers-Lipton
SJSU Professor, SJSU
(510) 508-5382


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Put 100,000 Gulf Coast residents to work rebuilding!  Call congress and tell them to support the creation of the Gulf Coast Civic Works legislation.  They are busy this January, so help the Gulf Coast to stay on their radar.



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