Social Solutions to Poverty:
America's Struggle to Build a Just Society
A book by Scott Myers-Lipton


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Solving Poverty
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Honor Indian Treaties  



Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotanka), the renowned head chief, argued that the Lakota Sioux tribes were both a ward of the state and a sovereign nation that had signed treaties with the United States. In his 1883 presentation to a U.S. Senate committee, Sitting Bull reminded the łGreat Father˛ (the president) that he had a responsibility to take care of the Lakota. At the same time, he demanded that the łGreat Father˛ live up to previous treaties the U.S. Government had signed promising monetary payment, clothing, agricultural tools, and livestock. Without these resources, Sitting Bull believed, the Lakota would not escape poverty.

Myers-Lipton, p. 62-63

(Excerpted from “Social Solutions to Poverty” © Paradigm Publishers 2006)



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